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Jul 31


We always want to be responsive to patient requests so we are introducing a range of fees for our tooth cleaning (hygienist) services.
Our standard appointment for cleaning is allocated 30 minutes in the diary including time for the dentist/hygienist to prepare the surgery, clean the surgery afterwards, sterilise instruments and write up notes. Some of our patients have found this too long.

So, from 1 August we will have a range of appointments available to you.

The Basic Clean
Suitable for people who maintain an excellent home care routine and who attend routinely. We will remove those deposits you have missed and polish your front teeth and give you tips to help you maintain the cleanliness of your teeth even better. This may also be suitable for our patients that do not have a full complement of teeth. £40 for a 20 minute appointment

The Standard Clean
Suitable for people who attend regularly and who maintain good home care. Perhaps teeth that are stained a little from drinking lots of tea, coffee and/or red wine. We will use a combination of hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling to remove deposits and stain that you have missed and polish your front teeth. This clean is also useful for our patients that have had periodontal disease, manintain good home care and attend every 3 months. £55 for a 30 minute appointment

The Advanced Clean
Suitable for those patients that have not attended for a while and who have a lot of deposits on their teeth. Also suitable for heavily stained teeth – especially smokers, patients who have had periodontal disease and struggle to maintain good home care or who need local anaesthetic for total comfort. Some patients who have not had a clean for a while will require an Advanced Clean. We will use hand and ultrasonic cleaning and remove all deposits and stain and polish your front teeth. £85 for a 45 minute appointment

If you need advice on which treatment is most suitable for you then ask any member of the team for advice.


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