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Jun 27


The practice are considering offering Zoom! whitening using the new WhiteSpeed LED Whitening Lamp. Before we make the decision we will be trialling the process on a patient. Both Toni (reception) and Diego (nurse) have white teeth already so we need a volunteer for a FREE Zoom! tooth whitening procedure.

You may nominate yourself or a friend (please tell them prior!) and can do so by sending a PM via Facebook, Twitter (w6dentist) , emailing or calling 020 87486543. A camera image of your front teeth would also be useful.

Please note that this is not first-come, first-served but will be offered to the applicant that, in Ian’s opinion, will benefit the most.

All applicants should have teeth that will benefit from whitening, should have no visible fillings in the front teeth, no veneers, crowns or bridges, have good gum health and be prepared to consume a white diet for 24 hours afterwards. Whitening procedures cannot be carried out on pregnant women nor women who are breastfeeding.


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  1. August 14, 2012
    Can I get zoom teeth whitning pleaseeeee, as I have given up smoking over 2yrs ago I realy like to take care of my health and apperance, im also a beautition 20yrs of age.. I have tryed every tooth paste and whitning gels eith the little lights and NONE have worked :( I do have 2 dentel bridges that just keep falling out but im happy 2 take them out for whitning, infact im happy to be a dentel guinie pig. Im sick of my teeth and smile I never smile and hope mabey 1day this could change, thanks Tanya Reply

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