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DIY tooth whitening- why it’s a bad idea.
May 24

DIY tooth whitening- why it’s a bad idea.

How many of you have seen advertisements on websites such as ‘Local Mom discovers how to make teeth whiter with household ingredients…click here’?

And you’ve clicked, haven’t you? I have.

They are trying to sell you something, of course. But how many of you would part with cash to apply unknown chemicals to your teeth?

Well, in order to make a decision you need to consider three things :

  1. safety,
  2. effectiveness
  3. and legality.

What does the product that you intend to use contain? Do they even tell you?

Many DIY products contain chlorine dioxide which no dental professional would dream of using. It has been known to cause teeth to go green (!!) and is ineffective. If the product contains peroxides , either carbamide or hydrogen, then they could have some effect. But what percentage should you use? And which is better, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide? And seeing as peroxides degrade during storage how do you know whether you are getting fresh stock or stuff that has been hanging around more than it should?

Regarding legality, the General Dental Council, who regulate all UK dental professionals insist that whitening is dentistry and must only be practiced by dental professionals.

But the GDC are there to protect dentists, right? Wrong! The GDC is there to protect patients.

They are unable to act against any supplier that is not registered with them , leaving you high and dry should anything not go as planned.

You only get one set of adult teeth, look after them. If you want them whiter do it safely and effectively.

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